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Oscars 2013: Life of Pi (2012)

[contains some spoilers so… SPOILER ALERT!]

– When I first watched the trailer, I was having seconds thoughts on watching the full movie since I am not a big fan of anything too vivid since my eyes hurt easily. But I was pleased that I did watch it. It was really beautiful.

Life of Pi is a feast to the eye. No, really. The film is beautifully done, visual-wise. There are only three films in the planet I would prefer to watch on 3D: Up, The Hobbit, and now, Life of Pi.

– My favorite ‘shot’ in the film was when Pi was watching the ship slowly sink. He was underwater, and we can see his back, as he was looking at the ship’s lights. I found it very simple and highly emotional. Well done, Ang Lee.

– Suraj Sharma the boy who played Pi, I think deserves an Oscar nomination. Also the Tiger. I kid. But serious about Sharma.

– I was a little bit underwhelmed with the movie. I don’t know why exactly. Sure I was enticed by the graphical aspect of the film (very remarkable!), and I think the movie/story is beautifully written, but I have this lingering feeling that something is missing. You know how everytime (well, seldom) you watch a movie and you’re devoured with too much emotion that you want to clap inside the theater (I literally do that sometimes)? I didn’t feel that in Life of Pi. So I KNOW that something is missing. I just can’t put my finger on it.

– Maybe because I was expecting to ‘see God’ as what Pi promised to the writer, but I still haven’t seen him by the end of the movie (not in a literal way, or blasphemous way).

– I know that the whole point of the movie was to have faith and ‘see God’, but I personally believe that that premise was not as well established as it should be.

– I like the real-life vs imagination ‘choose your own ending’ kindov ending. BUT, unlike, I don’t know, Shutter Island and Big Fish, there’s something lacking about the presentation of the ‘availability’ of the other option.

I mean, the film showed the ‘Animal plot’ with so much details and as a moviegoer, I already established in my head and heart that THAT’s what really happened. Then came this another ‘Human plot’ a good 10 or 20 minutes before the movies ends, told by a boy sitting on his hospital bed hinting the fact that everything might not be real.

Of course there was a BIG doubt in my mind that the ‘Animal’ could be Pi’s imagination, but THAT’s the whole point of the movie. To establish doubt. To test the audience’s faith.

BUT, how can you establish doubt when I’ve been sitting in the cinema in the last almost-two hours absorbing the story of the boy stranded with a beautiful Tiger in the middle of the Pacific, and you gave me an ‘alternate plot’ which was just narrated by the boy? Doubt is established, yes, but not big enough to shake my belief of Pi’s ‘Animal plot’ story.

– other people might say “that’s the whole point of the story, to test your faith with the SLIGHTEST hint of doubt”, but I don’t think it translated like that. Again, this is just MY opinion. Maybe, my faith IS strong. Or I am super gullible. But I still wish that “doubt plot” was MORE prominent, not just spoken.

– I think what made the ‘Human plot’ ALMOST work was Suraj Sharma’s acting while his character was narrating the human plot. At first, you can see on his face that he was hesitant to tell an ‘alternate story’ to the investigators because that’ll be telling a lie. Then as he progressed with his ‘human plot’ storytelling, it looked like he was believing what he was saying (hence the so called ‘establishment of doubt’). Brilliant acting.

– If I had it MY way (mas magaling raw kasi ako kay Ang Lee. Char. Char lang), I would at least give the audience a visual glimpse of this Human plot, just to give ‘doubt’ a fair fight.

– Ok, so I guess THAT was my reason why I was underwhelmed with the film.

– No, that’s not it. I still can’t figure out why I feel underwhelmed, sorry.

– Don’t get me wrong, I very very very VERY much enjoyed the movie. You should not miss it. You might very much like it. But I will not go so far as to bravely say that Life of Pi will be a classic. Almost, but not quite.

– Pi’s mother is super pretty, btw. Very regal.

– May I just say how brokenhearted I was when Robert Parker just left Pi and into the jungle. OMG I can REALLY feel Pi’s pain. Then pan to Suraj Sharma’s sobbing face, and then Irfan Khan narrating something like ‘I was not crying because I survived, I was crying because he didn’t say goodbye,” (not verbatim, obviously). I WANTED TO HUG PI! That part was gold.

– I would suggest that you catch it in 3D.

– I would suggest this to people who are big in religion.

– I’m choosing Argo over this (to win the best picture).

[as of writing, I’ve only watched two movies, so I can only compare Life of Pi to Argo]

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January 30, 2013