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Oscars 2013: Argo (2012)

Argo fuck yourself is an actual repeated line in the movie. I am not cursing just to look cool.

I watched Argo October (27) last year, so pardon me if some details on this review seem, err, weird.

Here are the tweets I posted right after the movie:

– After I watched the movie, I became an instant fan of Ben Affleck (the director). Let’s all admit to ourselves that Ben Affleck is not much of a great actor. But the movie Argo was, like, Ben Affleck’s love letter to anyone who had doubt on his talent: Ben’s shouting to the world that he has impeccable vision as a director.

– But apparently, since Ben Affleck was not nominated for the directing award, the Academy disagrees with me. Well, meh.

– My favorite part of the movie was the whole movie. The narration. The story telling. The directing. The acting (except for Ben Affleck. He was, err, ok. Just ok. But then again, he shared the screen with Alan Atkins, so good luck NOT being outshone, Ben).

– I love the feel of the movie. The era. The look. The color. The texture. I think that added to the overall depth of the movie.

– What I love MOST about the movie is how it built suspense. That’s what makes it very enjoyable (and that’s why Ben very much deserved the nomination for Best Director). Not all director can pull off a ‘thrill’ like that.

The first part of the movie was blah – there were a lot of talks and awful Ben acting, but the movie started building the story plot into an intense chase. I don’t want to detail out everything so I won’t have to spoil the movie for you (is it still screening?),

This reminds me of the BOOK The Girl of the Dragon Tattoo. The first part of the books was borderline boring. But as the book progressed, it snowballed into an awesome plot that ultimately blew my mind. TGWTDT is among my most book ever.

Argo had that same effect on me. It was a real nail-bitter. I was literally muttering ‘bilis bilis bilis!’ (faster! faster! faster!) during the ‘chase’ part of the movie. Good thing there were not that much people in the cinema.

– I love the storytelling style of the movie. Most movies are pretty hazy on the details, and often times I have to ask my movie buddy (or IMDB) about some tiny details I missed. The narration of Argo’s story is pretty solid. That’s a great feat for any movie.

– I’ve been saying this when people ask me what I think about the movie: Ben Affleck is the best part of movie, and he’s also the worst part. The directing was awesome, but he should had cast another person for the lead role.

– If I were him, I would not cast myself on my own movie. I am saying this out of BIG respect, but he cannot act.

– My only criticism of the movie is that it’s just a narration. Although it did a great job narrating, it’s just that – a story. It does not question anything, or it does not leave the readers anything aside from a very remarkable time watching it. It does not raise discussion (One of the most meaningful discussion I had in my entire life was about “Nothing But the Truth”. It was a smart discussion between me and a non-journalist. It was very fruitful).

That’s a real shame since Argo is in fact a political movie (well, supposedly a historical one). The movie itself is worth all its praises, but Ben could had taken it up a notch and used the movie to make a political stand or something. Anything. Just make the audience think.

I’m not saying that Argo is an awful movie – quite the contrary! I think Argo is a GREAT film. But it could be better if he puts a little soul in it.

– This movie is worth the nomination. I was passionate about FORCING people to watch this when it was shown here in the Philippines, and I seldom do that. I even consider this as among the best movie I watched in 2012 (which is a great feat since in case you haven’t noticed, there are TONS of awesome movies last year).

There was even a dude who told me “Argo, ok lang naman sya” and I gasp really loud, and considered his statement blasphemous. “OK” is NOT a description you give Argo. It was more than OK.

It was super awesome. But then again, it could be better.

– Is it worth the nomination? Yes. Is it going to win? Um, I can’t say just yet. I haven’t watch any of the other movies yet. But to tell you the truth, I am not quite excited to put Argo in the list with “Schindler’s List” or “Gone with the Wind”. It is a highly entertaining movie, no doubt – and I am saying that with MUCH emphasis – but not a ‘classic’ level kindov movie.

It’ll probably win if the competitions are blah. Story is solid, directing is solid, acting is (almost) solid. Why not.

But Ben — Oh Ben. I’m still SUPER disappointed that he’s not nominated for the Best Director category. He was robbed.

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January 18, 2013