Kindle to my heart

I finally did it. I finally gave away my books.

Tears sob moving on tears.

I decided to let go of my books the moment I made up my mind into buying myself a Kindle. I was supposed to get a kindle years ago, but the idea of the ‘scent-less’ books did not appeal to me at all. Call me old fashioned, but I like my books earthy.

Until there are no more space to keep all my books.

So one day, I finally decided to give my loves away. The reception for the free books was overwhelming, I almost cried. I always have a soft spot for readers.

The first books I was able to give away were my Harry Potter and Hunger Games collections. I LOVE these two series SO FREAKIN MUCH, so when I finally handed them down to their new owners (Joko’s bro Amiel, and Adie, respectively), I knew there’s no turning back.

A lot of other people asked my why I gave away my books. I told some of them that I needed to dispose of my babies because I will be buying a Kindle soon. I also told some of them that there’s no more space for the books in my room. Both reasons are very much true.

But the real reason why I am giving them away is I just want the books to serve their purpose – to create worlds, challenge imagination, and to give birth to inspirations. And I don’t think they are creating any worlds when they are stuck in my shelves to rot.

“Kesa naman sa nabubulok lang sila sa bahay, might as well pamigay ko na,” I would say.

Some people also suggested to me to just sell them. I don’t know, I don’t like the idea of selling books. It’s like betraying an old friend, I guess. I mean, how can you sell something you love so dearly?

I didn’t know I can be this romantic. Ha!

Anyway. I think I am now officially embracing technology. I’m holding off buying new books until I get my hands on my Kindle. Believe me, it’s been TOO hard.

I am expecting my Kindle Paperwhite tomorrow, and I’ve been waiting for it for a very VERY long time now.

Finally. FINALLY.

As you might probably hear, there’s some sort of a shortage of Kindle Paperwhite, the newest, and so far the most advanced Kindle model (I may be biased. ha!). I dunno the exact details – the demand is high and production is low? I have no idea.

So, I decided to reserve my Paperwhite last September 23, which is a big mistake. If I had known that Amazon’s going to push back its release a couple of times, I would had pre-ordered earlier.

Anyway, I ordered from an online seller, to whom my Babesidoodles bought his own Kindle Keyboard. He suggested the seller, so I didn’t question it at all. Babes was not wrong. The seller is very professional, so I reserved myself a Kindle Paperwhite. And I waited.

Because of the demand (I assume), Amazon only allows two units of Paperwhite per customer. I don’t know how my seller buys his stuff, but if that’s the case, and he told me I’m 18th on his list, I assume that I’ll be having my unit next year, prolly February of March.

C’mon, I can’t wait that long! I already gave away my book and the very thought that I don’t have any book in arm’s reach drives me insane.

So I did some research. I’ve been told I am pretty good with that.

Using my super powers, I was able to find four more local Kindle sellers. The first one was a tried-and-tested dude, since I bought one of my prized baby from him (Zach my lovely Nikon). He told me he has no stock, but asked me when I needed it. I told him ASAP, or before the year ends. He told me he can’t get a unit for me on that timeframe.

I was pretty sad since I really trusted that guy. Anyway, I had to move on.

I also check out his competition, a lady who has a very popular online gadget shop. Mikay bought Jarvis from her, I believe. I also asked her if she has a Paperwhite readily available, since she has a link on her site and there were no indication that she’s out of stocks. Unfortunately, she does not have one and she’s not sure when stock will be available.

I moved on. I then contacted this one particular seller. He has an “ok” feedback so I thought he’s ok (well, duh). At this point, I was desperate, so I have to find first a seller, and asses his credibility later. Unfortunately again, he has no paperwhite readily available.

I was THIS close to pure heartbreak.

But of course, I didn’t give up. “What Aika wants, Aika gets” I always say.

There’s this one online seller left. If he didn’t reply, I had no choice but to order from Amazon myself. I am guessing I would be spending 2.5k for transport + tax here to the PH (via JA or USA2Everywhere). The Kindle Paperwhite with ads would cost around 5k, so 7.5k overall. That’s higher than the price of my first dude (6.7k). So as much as possible, I wanted to buy from a local seller directly, to save from shipping (since they prolly ship in bulk).

So back to the last seller. I sent him a message, and a very kind lady replied:

Aika: Hi, ask ko lang po kung may stock po sila ng Paperwhite? Thanks! 🙂
Seller: Hi we have a Kindle Paperwhite Wifi without ads @ Php 7,850

My heart jumped.

I was thinking, I set aside 7k for my kindle. Php 7,850 is beyond my budget, but think:

a.) Php 7,850 without ad is a steal! I computed that a non-ad paperwhite would cost me Php 8,700 when I order it directly from Amazon. But I thought I can live without the ads, really.

b.) I needed to make a decision right away since the kind lady told me she can only reserve the Kindle for two days.

c.) I though of the following options:

c.1) go and buy NOW, but it would cost me more… BUT NO WAITING TIME ANYMORE! But I don’t mind saving some bucks for the ads… BUT NO MORE WAITING TIME! (that’s when I read bebs’ message ” tamang practice lang ng patience. it isn’t always good to rush things.”. Oh! I feel so guilty! I know he’s right, but I want this Kindle sooo bad!)

c.2) order from amazon. This would be more expensive, but I am sure that I will have my kindle by December.

c.3) go on with my initial reservation – 18th on the list!? that’s insanity. But the price’s cheaper.

c.4) settle for a different Kindle model. Um. Nah.

There’s something you need to know about me – I am a compulsive buyer. When I see something I REALLY REALLY want, literally can’t sleep until I get it. This happens to me at least once a year. This year, it’s Kindle.

Long story short, I paid for my new baby earlier today, and she’s coming home tomorrow. Sorry Babes. Sound advice, but I REALLY REALLLLYYYYY want this.

I can’t wait to spoil her!


But I can live with ‘broke’. I’ve been there. I can live with 400 bucks a week. Challenge further accepted.

I can’t wait to tell you guys about my new baby! 🙂

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November 5, 2012