How to make your own Milk Tea

I’m in love with Naicha ever since I tasted Chowking’s (a local fastfood chain here which offers Chinese food) way back in college. Some people told me it tasted like leaves. I said it tasted like rainbow.

Anyway, milk tea, or naicha has been a big food fad here in the Philippines for plenty of months now. Dozens of milk tea places had sprang everywhere, taking over the metro. I’m not saying I hate it – I absolutely adore milk tea – but it is still a fad, and fads are more likely to fade away after a new cool, original thing distracts people away from it.

There’s a MoonLeaf near my place – a 5 min jeepney ride away. One hot, summer afternoon I wanted to go there but I was too scared to go out of the house into the scorching sunlight. Told you, the sun is not my element. I love the rain.

Because I don’t wanna leave the house and was REALLY craving for a milktea, I made myself one! WIN!

This recipe is for a 0.473L or 16 fl oz of milk tea. That’s what it said in the tumbler.

two (2) bags of tea 1/2 can of evaporated milk honey

What you’ll need

  • 2 bags of tea
  • 1/2 can of evaporated milk
  • honey
  • water

(note: I used the peppermint kind of tea available in supermarkets. I bought mine at Rustans but I saw it also at SM supermarket, Save More and Shopwise)

The tea bags are leftovers from when I was tormented with cough and I was drinking plenty of it. I also have a leftover honey, and that’s what I’m going to use. A box of tea and a bottle of (a pretty ordinary) honey would collectively cost you not more than 250 or 300 php, I think.)

STEP 1: boil the water.
The water should be enough to fill HALF the 16floz tumbler.

STEP 2: do the thing you do with your tea
I’m not exactly sure what you call it. Steeping a teabag?

and we wait
Pour the boiling water in a 8oz cup or glass. Then put the 2 tea bags in and let it do its thing for about 5-6 minutes or until you’re bored.

[commercial break. let me give you a picture of a cat]

A Cat
STEP 3: pour the milk into the tumbler. It’s best if the milk is cold.

STEP 4: pour in honey or other sweetener into the milk. Stir until the milk blends well with the sweetener.

pour in the honey
The quantity really depends on you tolerance of sweetness. I love my milktea very sweet, so I poured in three tablespoon (and maybe more).

I guess sugar is a good alternative. But for some health reasons, I suggest you use honey, or brown sugar at least.

STEP 5: Combine the milk-honey with the tea.

It should fill your tumbler all the way. Remove the tea bags.

Almost there

STEP 6: Refrigerate. Shake well before drinking.

I waited for an hour before I drank my home-made milk tea.

chill that bad boy up!

It was an absolute success! I loved it very much, specially since I love the peppermint flavor of the tea. Also 16floz is plenty, so you can actually share it since it could prolly serve two.

This is really, REALLY easy to do, so you might want to try it sometime 🙂 tell me what how yours turned out 🙂

So I just discovered an alternative with this one. Since we didn’t have an evaporated milk, but only a can of condensed milk was available, I tried to experiment with it.

I poured the condensed milk 1/3 into a cup, then filled the cup with hot water. I stirred and stirred until the milk was mixed to the water thoroughly. This is an alternative to the evap milk AND the honey (since the condensed milk was pretty sweet already). I think this is more inexpensive, but more unhealthy? I am not sure 😀

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April 5, 2012